Fender released the Van Halen Frankenstein replica in 2007 and this video is from the NAMM show where Eddie Van Halen talked about it and then performed. This was such a crazy video for me to watch, the quality is good because it was posted on YouTube by Fender themselves. The weird part was just Eddie’s mannerisms when he was talking, like running his fingers through his hair over and over (why didn’t he just pull it back?) and how disheveled he looked. Honestly if you didn’t know he was one of the world’s greatest guitar players you might’ve thought he was a vagrant or just an agin drunk. So he talks well into the video about the “Frankenstein replicas” and then he grabs one off the display behind him. He straps it on, and he rocks the complete shit out of that thing! Now I’m thinking I’m a complete idiot for saying anything bad about him at all – he is STILL one of the greatest guitar players in the world! Oh, by the way – that frankenstein replica is selling for $25-30,000!!