The Laney GC-60 (sometimes called the GC 60 C) is a solid state guitar amp made in the 80’s and 90’s. It’s made in England and most commonly comes in a 2×10 combo. There is also a more powerful model called the GC120C as well which is double the power in a 2×12 combo. You can compare these combo amps to Marshall Valvestate amps made during the same period (you can usually just find them a lot cheaper). If you are ever trolling Craigslist or other classified sites, you can often find these amps for little money. My main GC60 review point is that I have seen people buy them for as little as $50 – $150 (which is a steal).

The features of the GC60 are that is has both a high and low input as well as a stereo chorus (with rate and depth controls). It has a master volume, normal volume, overdrive volume, as well as bass, mid, treble, and reverb controls. It supports a footswitch remote as well. It has an open back (like most Marshall combos of the same style), as well as an effects loop, and a headphone jack on the back.

The chorus has an on/off switch, and most reviews say the chorus effect sounds pretty good. The nice thing about this combo amp is that you don’t have to worry about any of the speaker grill cloth being damaged, because the front is a a strong steel grating in front of the speakers. Many people will overlook this amp simply because it’s solid state and not a pure tube amp. Those of you that know what a diamond in the rough the Marshall Valvestate is will no doubt have the same love for this beast as well as the GC120C. Using a tube pre-amp and solid state for the main power, this amp just plain flat out rocks.

Check out this video of the Laney GC 120C 2×12 combo and you’ll see what I mean:

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