The best way to describe the Krank Chadwick head is to say that it’s “a really good rock amp for the money”. Plain and simple. Many people have never heard of Krank, or automatically think of Dimebag Darrel anytime the name Krank amps comes up. I remember Krank taking out full page ads in the 80’s in all the guitar magazines, but there just weren’t that many people (that I knew) playing them. However, if you to anyone that has tried them – many have traded in their JCM800 for one of these face melting units. Krank makes one head for new metal sounds (the Revolution), and the Chadwick is for older hard rock and metal sounds. Many also say that if you play single coils, the Chadwick is the way to to (over the Revolution), but humbuckers sing all day long in both heads. As I read in many of the reviews, many times these amps are under priced simply because nobody gives them a chance just because they say “Krank”. You want to sound like George Lynch, Great White, or countless other 80’s rock bands? This amp head will do it in spades.

The Krank Chadwick delivers classic British tube amp tones with more tone and more muscle. It kranks out 50W of classic tube tone laced with incredible harmonic overtones and warmth. The Clean channel is big and fat with clarity and power and features both Volume and Gain controls so you can dial up anything from perfectly clean to a sparkly rhythm.The Drive channel features 3 gain stages (variable Gain, switchable Drive, and Volume) with a very trick Envelope circuit that creates a punchy overdrive similar to output tube distortion when turned up and an icy tight brittle sound when turned down. Both channels feature very smooth Bass, Mid, and Treble EQ controls that enhance your sound rather than change it. Any player from classic rock to hard country will fall in love with this amp fast. The Chadwick is a great match for the Revolution 4 X 12 cabinet with four Eminence V12 legend speakers.

If you want to see what this thing can do once it opens up – check out this little video of the Chadwick head in action:

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