The Genz-Benz Black Pearl 30 Guitar Amp head is a classic, all-tube, EL 84, Class A design combined with the upgrades, enhancements and tone you would expect from Genz-Benz. This amplifier is built for those that know tone and feel are inseparable. This is a great combination with the Black Pearl 30, 2 x 12″ cabinet. These heads are highly regarded in forums as some of the best used gear you can come by. The head normally comes with a footswitch. The head is switchable from 30 watts all the way down to 8w. The preamps allow you to “voice” the amp in Fender, Vox, or Marshall genres, as well as treble, mid, and bass controls.

This is surely not a metal amp, but there is more than enough gain in this amp for most players styles. The built in reverb really sings at about 12 o’clock. The reverb is a long pan Accutronics unit, and the head weighs in at about 38lbs. Many players say that this amp has a lot of chime and clarity. It has solid construction and quality parts. This amp was also a little before it’s time, allowing you to switch from 25/15/8 watts seaamlessly with just the flip of a switch. While not exactly a ’boutique’ amp, this treads into that territory at a very reasonable used price. I have read reviews where many players say this amp has cleaner cleans then a Mesa Lonestar, and yet still has British tone for days (when you switch voicings).

Keep your eyes open, and there could be a Black Pearl amp in your future! You can find it in both head and combo versions.

Here’s a video demo of the Black Pearl head:

Here’s a video demo of the Black Pearl combo:

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