DR Pure Blues Nickel Strings are what I use on every single guitar I own.  I used to use Fender original nickel strings (not the bullets) because of the tone they had.  It was bright, great for blues and classic rock – but it made metal and drop d stuff songs come alive (and made them real crunchy) too!  For some reason the music stores that I bought them from started to run out of stock regularly, and they became harder to find in my area.  One day I went to guitar center and really let the guy have it for being out of stock – and I told him why I liked the Fenders.  He had me try these DR Pure Blues Nickel strings, and I really thought that they would just be a cheap replacement.

Now, nearly a year later the DR Blues strings are all that I use.  What I didn’t know at the time was that they are a roundwound string, and they are also hand wound.  I was surprised that the exact same gauge of string (10’s is what I use) was easier to bend, brighter sounding, and it had a lot more snap and crunch.  Also, I used to break the occasional string when I used Fender, but now with the DR Blues I’ve only broken a string one time on all my guitars in a single year.  Actually, at times I’ve left the DR’s on for up to 3 months with no issues at all – when I changed the Fender’s about every 2-4 weeks.