You may or may not have seen this one before, but if you perform on the stage I think it’s a very handy thing to have. I’m the lead guitar player for my cover band and even though I’m technically not the main lead vocal – I do stand in the middle of the stage. That kind of makes me the center of attention, and I tend to try and introduce the show and say a little something before we break. I’m not that good at it – but I’m getting better. What you need are some ice breakers, some jokes, stories, funny sayings, and this book will help you with just that! It’s for musicians, and it could help you the next time the bass player has to tune up!

Here’s the description:

This book is the perfect resource for program notes, concert spiels, to kill time while the bass player tunes up, or just for fun! This most complete collection of humor about and for musicians includes one-liners and jokes ranging from Chopin to Lennon, Gillespie to Presley. A must-have for every band director, music teacher, classical musician, jazz performer, cover band leader, accordion player, and person who knows an accordion player but doesn’t like to admit it.

I hope you like the book – it’s well worth $10!

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Here are some alternatives:

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