Did you know that “SG” is actually an acronym for “Solid Guitar”? People also forget that the Gibson SG was actually introduced in 1958-60 0the new Les Paul SG (designed to replace the single cutaway Les Paul). In those 3 years 6,000 Les Paul SG’s were sold, and only 1,700 Les Paul Standards were sold. This is actually a customm model though with the two horned body. The SG custom was the top of the line (while the Junior was the bottom of the line). There are many famous SG players such as Angus Young from AC/DC, Robby Krieger of The Doors, as well as slide player Derek Trucks.

There were many of these reissues made in the early 2000’s. The most interesting thing about them is that most seem to be 2 pickup models, while the actual Gibson SG Custom’s of the 60’s were 3 pickup models. It has a solid mahogany body and the 60’s slim taper neck, as well as rosewood fretboard and single ply neck binding. Some seem to have P-90’s and some humbuckers, and I’ve seen some with the original 60’s Vibrola tremelo (and some without). The VOS reissues were created using vintage original specs.

Watch this video review of the Gibson SG Custom Reissue in TV Yellow:

This Gibson Custom Shop SG Standard Reissue VOS was a futuristic design when it was introduced in 1960, and it still has a modern look. Featuring an ultra-thin, two-horned body, the SG series addressed 2 of what Ted McCarty saw as the major issues of the now-retired Les Paul body style: weight and limited access to the upper treble register. The new body shape of the SG Standard was dramatically lighter than the old Les Paul and offered access to the entire fretboard. This amazing re-creation includes pickups and long neck tenon modeled precisely on the original. The VOS aging treatment makes it look exactly like a vintage original instrument that’s been treated with loving care for its whole life.

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