digitech vocalist live 2 If you are a working guitarist you have a need for a harmonizer pedal – you just don’t know it yet. Usually you have one singer in the band and one backup person if you’re lucky. I know a lot of guitarists that from time to time they do a “one man show” acoustic style with just themselves and a mic. There is brand new technology out now that will blow your mind, and as a working guitarist – think that it’s the greatest thing since sliced bread.

“The Digitech Vocalist Live 2” is a pedal – a “stomp box” that is a vocal harmonizer for guitarists. It was made for guitar players because you plug both your guitar and your microphone into it, take at look at this pic for the inputs…

vocalist 2 back

What happens is – when you play the pedal recognizes and interprets both your voice and the chords you’re playing. It knows if you’re singing a “C” over a “G” chord progression and you can program it to sign your hamony vocal either a third or fifth above your voice. You sing and you play, and just like any other effects pedal – when you want harmony – just stomp on it!

The Vocalist Live 2 pedal also has a built-in guitar tuner, compressor, reverb, and EQ controls. So, once you buy this pedal you’ll be out about $300, but look at it this way – you now have a backup singer that works for free! It’s got the highest user reviews on all the gear sites, I think this is one new piece of technology that everyone is liking a lot!

Here’s the extended description and a few purchase options –

DigiTech Vocalist Live 2 Harmony Processor

DigiTech Vocalist Live 2 Harmony Processor

The DigiTech Vocalist Live 2 Harmony Processor uses breakthrough musIQ technology to directly analyze the output of any electric or pre-amplified acoustic guitar (no special MIDI guitars or hex-outputs needed). Then it generates the correct vocal harmony. For example, if you're singing an A over the chords that are generally found in the key of G, Vocalist will harmonize with a C. But, if you then play an A major, the Digitech Vocalist will shift to the C#…because like any good harmony singer, it listens to the guitar! A surprising number of songs "fool" other harmony pedals because these songs just don't work with a single key/scale setting. In fact, any song that has the same note sung over two different chords (for example, a C sung in the melody over a C maj / F maj chord sequence) is going to confound conventional harmony pedals.With musIQ, forget about the technology just sing and play! Skip complicated programming and having to analyze each song chord-by-chord; just 1. Plug in your microphone and guitar; 2. Pick a 3rd or 5th-above or below harmony preset; 3. Sing and play — when you want harmony, just step on the footswitch!Patent-pending musIQ technology combines new Note Detection algorithms with state-of-the-art Harmony Generation. The Note Detection section analyzes complex guitar waveforms and determines which notes in each chord are critical to accurate harmony. This information is then fed to an advanced harmony engine that creates harmonies consistent with both the singer's melody and the underlying guitar accompaniment.This totally new, musically-intelligent effects processor hybrid of traditional chordal and scalic harmony modes means that Vocalist Live musIQ harmonies stay true to not only the overall key and song scale, but also localized variations due to chords that aren't part of the global key. You've never heard anything like it!

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