This 12 year old guitar player plays “Eruption” and his original song “Break Out”. I don’t know if this is some kind of talent show or what, but it looks like he has a little cheering section to be sure. It’s not perfect, but the the dude was only 12 when this was recorded AND his second song is his original composition – that’s pretty tight! When I was 12 I barely knew how to play the “Yesterday” by the Beatles.

That was pretty good, but this 14 year old has one of the best quality “Eruption” video’s I’ve seen. I’m always impressed when a young guitar player can not only play the notes, but actually emulate some of the sounds with his finger and nuances of the original. In addition to that – I’ve heard a lot of eruption covers in my time, but for his age he’s probably got some of cleanest “Eddie-like” picking I’ve heard. The sound of the guitar is perfect for this as well, I wonder if he’s using a POD or what he’s playing through?