Whether taken to a stadium concert or your local bar, the zoom h2 personal handheld recorder records quality mp3 surround sound every time!

I saw the “Zoom H2 Handheld Recorder” for the first time on the G4 network last week. I knew that there were quality handheld recorders available for reasonable prices, but I had no idea you could get this kind of quality for around $200 or less! Are you in an original over “cover band”? When you go to book the gigs what’s the first thing the bar owner wants? A demo! Most bands don’t have any decent way to record their audio to make a demo. There are very few options and most are bad. You could record something off your cell phone (pretty bad idea). Maybe your digital camera takes pretty good good video, but wait – the audio is distorted or in “mono” (cheap small condenser mic). You could try and and “mic” everything, run it through a board and mix it down to something that will record it. Most of the times you’ll not have the right equipment or sound man to pull this off. Like my band – what you will be left with is rotten crappy demos!

The Zoom H2 records awesome audio because it has thing no other portable recorder has – “4 portable mic capsules”. This allows 360 degree recording. What does this mean? Well…it means you can affordable record an actual “surround sound” recording of your band performance. You could do it in your practice space – or just as easily record live in the bar, pub, or club! You can direct record in WAV or MP3 in up to 320kbps bitrates.

The audio is recorded on SD secure digital flash media cards – you could record up to a staggering 138 hours in mp3 format! It comes with a short tripod stand, it will accept up to 4GB flash cards, a low-cut filter eliminates wind noise, it connects to your usb or mac via usb cable…oh – and I mention it has a build in chromatic guitar and bass tuner?

This handheld recorder gadget is perfect for recording band audio, but imagine all the other possibilities it has! Interviews, conferences, seminars, notes in class, songwriting, podcasts, rehearsals – you name it! Take it to see Bill and the Beaters at the local bar or record Zeppelin at the stadium the next time they come around. Mine is on order – is yours? Check prices below, and after that I’ve listed the lastest eBay auctions ending soonest. If you’re in the market for one of these you can check back daily for the lastest eBay auctions and deals – just bookmark this page!

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