Remember the 80’s? Those were the days – of hair metal, decadence, and debauchery. And the days when the Guitar Gods walked the earth. There were so many, and so many posers as well. One of my favorite bands was Dokken, and the lead guitar player George Lynch was one of the most technically brilliant guitar gods of that era. Sometimes I wonder with a lot of these bands and guitar players – where are they now? Well, since the 80’s George has toured the world many times, both by himself and with Dokken, and he’s done hundreds of guitar clinics and shows, and put out many guitar lesson videos, in addition to several solo projects. Let’s watch George in action and let his fingers do the talking!

George Lynch Warming Up Backstage Video – 1988

George Lynch in the Studio Video – late 80’s

George Lynch Breath and a Scream Video – 2007?

George Lynch Live in Japan Video – 1995

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