Here’s one you won’t soon forget – I want you to watch this video of Quinn Sullivan. He’s 8, he has his own band, and he probably plays better than you do! Apparently he loves The Beatles, his dad plays the drums in his band, and he’s been playing and performing since the AGE OF FOUR (yes I said 4)! He sings, he plays lead and fronts the band, he even writes his own songs including music and lyrics! In this video he plays the B.B. King classic “Thrill is gone”. Watching the whole video I hope that you’re amazed as much as I was as he begins the song playing lead, and then when he starts to sing with his very high but dead on voice, and then the lead in the middle when he not only works the hell out of that Wah pedal – but the stage presence and conviction he has is amazing! Remember his name – this child will be a guitar god by his teens, mark my words!

Quinn Sullivan – Thrill is Gone

Here’s a couple more vids of Quinn I found on YouTube:

Quinn Sullivan – My Guitar Gently Weeps

Ellen DeGeneres and Quinn Sullivan

Quinn Sullivan plays with Buddy Guy