A pack of adapters for your powerstrip so bulky power cords don’t rob half your outlets.

powerstrip liberator adapter power plugs Every now and then I see a gadget that I think would be perfect for musicians or guitar players. Today I saw this pack of “powerstrip liberator” plugs that are perfect for a guitar player because we always have a bunch of things to plugin to one strip. I have one powerstrip in my pedal box and I plug 3 big bulky adaptors for my stomp box pedals. If I have anything else to plug into it, it’s always a bear working around those adapters because they’re so bulky that once you plug it in it takes 2-3 outlets on the strip. With these “liberator” jumper adapters you can get around that. This combo pack is really cool because you get 3 different kinds. You get the classic kind that gets bulky adapters off the strip, and also the pass through kind that get the adapters off the strip, but have an outlet on top to give you another space on the strip to plug more things in. The last kind, which is really cool, is an adapter you can use when you’re trying to plug something in a flat space, very, very handy. I can’t tell you how many times I could have used this in a gig where the outlet was in a really, really weird place. At a very reasonable $12 – I don’t know why any musician wouldn’t want to have these in their gig bag at all times! This would make a great gift for any guitar player! Click here to find out where to buy the “Powerstrip Liberator Combo Pack”.

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