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As musicians we go online to watch and read reviews of new and used gear. You want as much information as you can get before spending your hard earned money. Musicians are never satisfied, or short of opinions. This website is a compilation of gear purchases combined with lessons learned. Maybe you can add some comments and throw your hat into the ring as well while you’re here.

What can you learn about guitar gear today?

Canon Rock Guitar Video by FunTwo

You've probably seen this one before, I'd be surprised if you didn't, but it's work watching again! Here's a YouTube video of 22 year old Korean guy who goes by "FunTwo" on YouTube. It's an incredible piece of work, I believe that in various versions this video was...

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Really Weird Guitars to Die For

I was reading the news this morning when I came across this post about weird guitars. Of course I just HAD to post that here for you! I think that post was compiled from different places across the web since I'd seen one or two of these before. But the rest were new...

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Nuno Bettencourt Videos – A Guitar Legend

I have a select few guitarists that are my absolute all-time list of 'favorites' and Nuno is one of them. You may remember Nuno from the band "Extreme" in the 80's, and if you've played guitar since that time you know as a player, that his songs are something you just...

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Free Van Halen Tickets 2007 Tour

Van Halen is on tour with David Lee Roth - something that we as fans never thought we'd see. We also didn't think that we'd see Eddie's son Wolfgang on the bass in place of Michael Anthony! In my area the tickets for the new Van Halen shows sold out in record time - I...

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Agile Guitar New and Used Review

Agile guitars are a perfect alternative to Gibson Les Paul and Epiphone Les Paul electric guitars. They are much cheaper - and the quality is much better! **UPDATED* April 2008 I've just updated this post and republished it with new info based on the fact that I...

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Free Online Metronome for practicing

Stumbling around on the web today I came across this free online metronome! In my practice room I have a computer, and it's always on when I play because that's where I keep all the songs I need to learn for the band. I also use it to lookup tab and lyrics. I actually...

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Why I Hate Epiphone Guitars (review)

Consider this my blanket review of all Epiphone guitars in general. At least it was in 2007. Maybe things have changed, but I still don't like Epiphone. I used to go to Guitar Center a lot to check out the guitars they had on hand. I liked to check out a bunch of...

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