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As musicians we go online to watch and read reviews of new and used gear. You want as much information as you can get before spending your hard earned money. Musicians are never satisfied, or short of opinions. This website is a compilation of gear purchases combined with lessons learned. Maybe you can add some comments and throw your hat into the ring as well while you’re here.

What can you learn about guitar gear today?

Hofner CT Club Guitar Review

This is a Hofner CT Club Guitar review, an affordable addition to their line of instruments. Hofner is a manufacturer that has both affordable and very pricey guitars. Their claim to fame is actually the violin shaped bass made famous by Paul McCartney which he played...

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Paul Reed Smith Mira Review

These Paul Reed Smith Mira guitars are fast little buggers. I got my hands on one awhile back to play, and they kinda have a retro feel to them. The body is mahogany, and the it has a 3-way switch and split coil (rosewood fingerboard). The finishes are unusual colors,...

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Eric Clapton Layla Video

Eric Clapton is known for many songs, but to many the hit "Layla" will forever be ingrained in their minds. He's played a lot of different versions of this song, including the one in years past that was acoustic. Layla is known for it's piano outro and slide guitar...

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Guitar Samples for EXS24

This must be the holy grail of guitar samples! I don't think you could find a bigger collection. Users of Apple's Logic EXS24 sampler software will love this collection of 1,791 guitar samples. From the production house of Terry Grame/Sounds and Effects Inc., 1.5 GB...

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Guns and Roses Video 1988

Remember the good old days of the radio when Guns N Roses ruled the airwaves? Bone crushing guitar was in and GNR were the undisputed kings of rock, pop, and anything else that stood in the way. I was surfing YouTube and came across these old videos that reminded me...

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DR Blues Nickel Strings

DR Pure Blues Nickel Strings are what I use on every single guitar I own.  I used to use Fender original nickel strings (not the bullets) because of the tone they had.  It was bright, great for blues and classic rock - but it made metal and drop d stuff songs come...

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eBow Guitar Effect Review

The "eBow" or "energy bow" is one of the most unique guitar effects you can find. It's unique because it's handheld, and because you don't touch the strings with it. It's like a big magnet you sweep over the strings slowly to mimic the effect of a violin "bow" playing...

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PRS Santana SE and Agile AL-3100 for sale

Beautiful Midnight Blue PRS Santana SE and White Agile AL-3100 electric guitars for sale! **UPDATED** The PRS SE and Agile 3100 are sold now, but be sure it my Agile guitar new and used review page! First of all - I've purchased a new guitar!  It's a purple flame...

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Free Guitar Exercises

Become a shredding guitar god in no time with these free guitar exercises! I've seen a lot of guitar web sites that have cool tips and riffs, and even free guitar lesson videos. I always seem to learn something. Today I found a web site that I think I'll go back to...

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Joe Bonamassa Plays the Blues

I love Joe Bonamassa. He has a distinctive blues guitar playing style that is a mix of Gary Moore and Pat Travers - in my opinion. The thing about him is he kind of burst on the scene when he was about 12 years old as a prodigy, and now that he's 31 his albums show so...

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AC/DC Whole Lotta Rosie Live

Here's a live version of "Whole Lotta Rosie" when Bon Scott was still in AC/DC. It's so incredible to see Angus Young play, because it's hard to believe that he can play so well why gyrating all over the stage, headbanging, shaking his head, dancing, bouncing all...

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Deep Purple “Burn” Video

One of my favorite songs is Deep Purple's "Burn". It's a song that hasn't been performed live since 1992, you don't hear on the radio a lot. Now, for all you young guitar slingers - here's a little history lesson. You probably know Deep Purple for their signature song...

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