Modulus makes some high end bass guitars and the Quantum Q5 is no exception!! These are a bass players bass, a “wish list” instrument if you will for many – not exactly what you would get as a beginner or intermediate player. Many people who have played gibson, Fender, or other basses and get their hands on a Modulus for the first time never go back! The graphite neck is one of the biggest reasons, but most cite the modern tone and sustain that goes on forever. Quantum 5 basses get near perfect 10 reviews every time bass players talk about them.

Don’t believe me? Watch this video demo of the Modulus 5 Bass guitar for yourself and see what you think:

The 5-string Myrtle Top Quantum Q5 is an electric bass beauty that features a lightweight, ultra-rigid, D-shaped shell made from dozens of layers of hand-formed, aerospace-grade, epoxy-impregnated carbon fibers. With its massive sustain, earthshaking low end, and versatile tone controls, the original Quantum bass neck designed by Modulus has become a popular choice for many of today’s top touring professionals. With an amazing strength-to-weight ratio and a resonant peak far above the range of the notes on a bass, it is an ideal neck for producing crystal clear, even tones. Because the carbon fiber telegraphs attack more quickly than conventional wood necks, Quantum basses maintain a crisp, warm sound with dynamic sensitivity. The beautifully figured myrtle top gives this model the stunning looks to match its awesome sound and playability.

Modulus Quantum 4 Bass Guitar Quilted Maple 1992 Emerald Green

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1997 Modulus Quantum6 Electric Bass Free Shipping 6 String w/HC B1246

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Modulus Genesis BASS 5 String with hard case

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Modulus Vertex 4 Bass Guitar w/upgrades and Modulus HSC (graphite)

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Modulus Quantum 5 Electric Bass Free Shipping w/HC B1230

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1995 Modulus VJ-4 Vintage Jazz Bass

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Modulus Quantum6 6 string Bass Carbon Fiber Neck with Hard case

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Modulus Sonic Hammer 2TS Bass Carbon Fiber Neck

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Modulus Quantum 5 TBX Through neck Bass Carbon Fiber Neck 5 String

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Modulus FB4 Blue Metalic Bass Carbon Fiber Neck

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