Josh White was a blues master who influenced some very famous musicians from Nat King Cole, to Bob Dylan, Merle Travis, and John Fogerty. It’s pretty rare when primarily blues player influences musicians in soul, folk, country, and rock and roll. Josh was known for singing blues, gospel, and a particular number of race records in the 20’s and 30’s. He was a close friend to President Roosevelt, but his career was all but derailed by McCarthyism in the 50’s because his views were confused with Communism. Many call his music “country blues”.

Here’s an indredible modern rendition of Josh White’s “Prodigal Son” from YouTube:

Here’s the original version of Prodigal Son:

Here’s Josh White, Jr. playing “Joshua Fit the Battle of Jericho”:

And here’s Joshua white singing that song and “Blind Man Stood on the Road”:

The Guitar of Josh White is taught by Josh White Jr. and the 80-minute video comes with a music book with standard notation and tab. Josh White was one of the most influential blues and folk artists of all time. He sang passionate renditions of blues and folk ballads, and his playing electrified listeners with dazzling technique.

The Legendary Blues Guitar Of Josh White
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