There are a lot of unsung blues guitar heroes, but the one I find a lot of guitarists still don’t know is Ronnie Earl. I can’t remember the first time I head him, but he’s incredible. I like guitar players that have a distinctive voice – and he does. Just when you think you’ve got him figured out – he does something different. I’ve would describe him as a bit Stevie Ray Vaughan, a little Gary Moore, with a Bit of B.B. King. He has what I call “stream of conciousness playing”, which to me is when the notes come out as if someone was talking. The notes come out as the player is thinking, and the improv happens on the fly as a “stream of conciousness”. Ronnie didn’t even start playing until he was 22 years old in 1975. He’s known for replacing Duke Robillard in Roomful of Blues in the 80’s. He was in that band for 8 years before going on to record many solo CD’s. He’s music has gone through many phases over the years from jazz to blues, instrumental and vocal (he himself doesn’t sing), traditional to comtemporary. Ronnie is just an incredible bluesman….here’s a few videos on YouTube I found for you to watch: