Some of the greatest guitar books you may not know about are from Happy Traum.  Happy Traum created these easy, enjoyable Guitar Building Blocks Series lessons to help novice players learn essential guitar techniques, along with several songs to illustrate each subject. Great for beginning/intermediate guitarists who want to target specific areas for improvement. The 4 Guitar Building Blocks lessons include: Barre Chords and How to Use ThemBass Runs and How to Use Them, Instant Fingerpicking Success, and Creating Easy Song Arrangements. Includes music and tab. (Lessons also sold individually, see recommended products on this page)

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HAPPY TRAUM Pattern Picking HOMESPUN TAPES book and cassettes

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Vintage Homespun cassettes-guitar lessons,lot of 8,Happy Traum,Woodstock

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Happy Traum Blues Guitar Bundle Pack NEW 000642057

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The Happy Traum Guitar Method Basic Theory That Every Guitarist Should 000642112

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The Happy Traum Guitar Method Basic Theory That Every Guitarist Should 000642160

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Happy Traum/Artie Traum/Pat Alger/WOODSTOCK, NY/Original Music Poster/c.1980

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Bluegrass Guitar includes Record by Happy Traum 1974 Music Instruction Song Book

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Basic Guitar Lessons - Play Guitar with Happy Traum Book NEW 014003527

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Bluegrass Guitar (Guitar Books) by Traum, Happy

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Guitarist's CHord Manual Happy Traum Everybodys Favorites no 134 Sheet Music

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