Hal Leonard books have been very good to me over the years, very affordable, and resources I go back to again and again. Being a guitar player means that the learning never stops, and one thing I tell young players time and time again is that practice is just like “working out” your entire body. If you don’t have good “guitar fitness” – you won’t play well, period! Increase speed, develop accuracy, and improve fretboard dexterity with the 200 exercises in this book. Exercises cover the full range of technical requirements. 80 pages later – you’ll be glad you went through all of these guitar exercises.

Here are some video guitar exercise lessons you can view while waiting for the book to be delivered:

Bass Guitar Exercises for Dummies, Paperback by Pfeiffer, Patrick

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Bass Guitar Exercises For Dummies by Pfeiffer, Patrick

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Rhythm Guitar 365 Daily Exercises Learn to Play Lessons Tab Book & Online Audio

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Exercises - Guitar Educational NEW 002500331

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How to Build Guitar Chops - Technique Exercises for the Intermediate 000147679

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Pentatonic Scales Bass Guitar Fingerings Exercises Lessons Tab Book Online Audio

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Technique Exercises for Guitar Lessons Play Musicians Institute Book CD Pack NEW

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Daily Guitar Warm-Ups Essential Elements Exercises Lessons Tab Book Online Audio

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Guitar Exercises Poster Full Color Designs Clear Diagrams 22x34 Hal Leonard NEW

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