Today is a very sad day for guitarist as we lay another of our own to rest. Jeff Healey who had been battling cancer for most of his life died at age 41. Jeff meant a great deal to me since he’s only two years older, and I can remember first hearing of him just a few years out of high school. At the time he was unique because he could rip up that fretboard with the best master bluesman. I can remember hearing his first single on the radio “Confidence Man” -and it was just unbelieveable! Here is that original video I saw on MTV, actually later in that week after I heard it on the radio many times:

It wasn’t until after I saw that video that I realized not only he was blind, but what he played the guitar laying flat on his lap! That just floored every single guitar playing friend I had – none of us could believe it! Here’s Jeff Healey playing his the top 40 hit that made him famous with so many women worldwide:

Our band actually plays Angel Eyes when we play out, it’s always one of the favorite slow songs we do. Next, this video isn’t the greatest quality – but it’s one of my favorites nonetheless, it’s Jeff Healey playing with Stevie Ray Vaughan “Look at Little Sister”:

Jeff Healey – we will miss you! Your music will live on through many generations of guitarists!