Frequently Asked Guitar Questions

We all have certain guitar related questions that go unanswered, and once we find an answer we tend to tell all the players we know about our recent ‘revelation’ (as if we were the first one to make the discovery). Now that I’m little older, having multiple decades of playing under my belt, I realize that most of the questions I have regarding guitar have already been answered. In addition, now that I have experience I find that people often ask me for the answers.

This page is a compilation of most visited question posts that I have written. Some are just age old questions guitar players have, and others are either things I needed to figure out for myself, or questions I’ve seen players asking in forums and groups online.

Before we get to the posts, I’d like to point you in the direction of a few places you can hang out online that are fun interact with other players:

Pedal Boards of Doom

What can I say about this group – over 45,000+ members that share pedal board pics and expertise. There are several nice things about this group. One is that everyone is this group is very nice and friendly. Everyone seems to agree that we all have opinions and different tastes, and that is perfectly fine. Even though this group has tons of posts every day, you can choose to engage yourself (or just lurk) as much or as little as you want. What you will likely find is that looking at all kinds of others pedal boards, and reading about how and why they use different effects is more than a little addictive. It’s always healthy to see you’re not the only one out there with a gear addiction!

Ultimate Guitar Forum

With thousands of people online nearly every hour of the day, the Ultimate Guitar forums are never short of activity. Find everything here from talk about technique and tab, to bands, lyrics, and even recording. There are even sections for guitar building, as well as gear.

Gearslutz is a Pro Audio forum. If you have questions or issues with your PA, speakers, mic’ing or recording techniques, or even DAW or recording software – this is the place to be. I am definitely not a pro audio expert, even though I have owned and used a PA and mixing boards for decades. I was having some issues with feedback and in ear monitors (IEMs), and after a couple days asking questions in this forum most of my problems were ironed out. Even though most of my questions were sometimes open ended, and my expertise level with audio gear at times n00b – everyone was always to gracious and helpful. Great people and good information here.

No Guitar is Safe

No Guitar is Safe is a podcast by Jude Gold from Guitar Player magazine, where he interviews famous guitar players. The great thing about this podcast is that Jude interviews both known and not as well known guitar players. For instance, you’ll love to hear the podcasts with Elliot Easton from the Cars, Steve Lukather of Toto, Paul Gilbert, Steve, Vai, or Joe Satriani. But you might not know of Dan Gilbert (legendary GIT teacher), or Nili Brosch (guitarist for the Michael Jackson One show in Vegas). If you’ve ever read an interview in a guitar magazine and wished you could have a longer unfiltered version, that’s what the podcasts are all about. It’s amazing hearing legendary guitarists talk about how they got into music, their thoughts on gear, the people in their music circles, and everything that’s going on in their lives. Most episodes are between an hour and hour and a half – and unfiltered (f bombs and all). I highly encourage you to listen to every episode of No Guitar is Safe.

Guitar Pedal Toppers – What Are They?

I had recently noticed an explosion of guitar pedal toppers on pedal boards recently. With the advent of social media and Facebook groups, many of us (53,000 as of last) subscribe to "Pedalboards of Doom. I suspect at first that group started out as a death metal...

How Much Are Guitar Pedals?

How much are guitar pedals? How much do they cost? The answer is pretty simple - somewhere between $25 and $500 (for the most part). That's a pretty wide range, so let me narrow it down. Most budget and clone pedals are under $100. Most mainstream pedals by the big...

Does a Coiled Guitar Cable Make a Difference?

Over the years the argument has come up time and time again - does the coiled guitar cable make any difference? The first guitar I ever had was a Squier Bullet for $99.  The first amp I had I bought from the neighbor.  It had a homemade 4x12 bottom that was giant, and...

Who Played the Peavey Mace Amp?

Seems like I end up hearing classic songs lately and wonder "what amp did they use on that?" That very thought came to my mind when playing "Any Way You Want It", I wondered - what did Neal Schon use for those screaming lead solos on that classic song? A few Google's...