Holy crap – this guy is playing the hugest flying V guitar I’ve ever seen! I don’t think he’s really gonna be shredding on this thing. You’d think that it would be hard enough to make chords! Watch this guy try to play lead – it almost looks painful….you’ll notice that he doesn’t even attempt to make a chord! That thing must weigh like 50 lbs!

This is an update of one of the first posts I every wrote on this website more than 10 years ago. This is the original video of the giant Flying V dude:

However, since I first found that Mr. Giant Flying V (Ralph Ciociano) has posted even more videos on YouTube channel:

You can even watch him rock out on the Star Spangled banner:

Even though there is a ton of video on Ralph’s YouTube channel about him and the giant flying V, there doesn’t seem to be much information about how or why it was built. It is mind-blowingly cool though!