Unlike other boutique fuzz pedals that are basically copies of one particular vintage unit, the Smoky Fuzz uses a combination of past and present technologies to create a wide palette of fuzz effects in a single, versatile box. The SF-1’s 3 controls (Volume, Sense, Fuzz) are deceptively simple, yet they provide a huge array of fuzz effects due to their highly interactive nature. In low Fuzz settings, the SF-1 operates as a full-frequency overdrive with amazing note clarity and sparkling sustain reminiscent of a cranked Fender Bassman. Turning the Fuzz control clockwise increases gain, offering the sustained, singing sound of a vintage Fuzz Face or similar germanium device.At high Fuzz settings the SF-1 becomes a sizzling, screaming, spitting monster with the trademark “hauling” effect that defines a great fuzz. All of these settings can be fine tuned with the Sense control, which determines the overall EQ and frequency range in which the fuzz effect is focused.The Smoky Fuzz is the perfect companion for the player who wants classic fuzz effects without the hassle of vintage gear or the limitations of boutique clones. Simply put, the SF-1 smokes!