A preamp is something you might want to use to plugin directly into your PA or sound system. The Carl Martin 3-Band Parametric EQ/Pre-amp is designed specifically for use with such acoustic instruments as guitar, violin, and harmonica. We plug things into our PA all the time without an outside amp – and works great! These instruments sometimes use combo amps, which require a high-quality EQ (3-band parametric) and balanced line driver.

These features have been integrated into a convenient pedal format with both XLR and 1/4″ outputs. The Carl Martin Parametric EQ/Pre-amp also works well for tweaking the sound of electric guitars, basses, and other electronic instruments in the studio. Integrated regulated power supply.

You get a bass, treble, and mid control on the pedal – which allows up to 15db of boost or cut for each. The level knob, which is basically a master output also gives 15db boost or cut. It has a normal 1/4″ input jack, but on the output side you get both a line out (DI out) or an XLR out. One additional thing to note is that this pedal is fairly big in size compare to other pedals, not just in width and depth – but also in height. Comparable pedals would be the Empress Para EQ, Raven Labs PMB-1, Tonebone PZ Pre, D-Tar Equinox, and the LR Baggs Para DI. The comparable pedals all have similar and different options, and some have notch and various frequency controls, in addition to tone. I’ll show each below so you can get a sense of comparable pricing as well.

First here’s a video demo of the Carl Martin Parametric EQ Preamp:

Carl Martin Preamp – ~$250
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Empress ParaEQ with Boost – ~$250
[atkp_product id=’6175′][/atkp_product]

Tonebone PZ Pre Acoustic Preamp – ~$299
[atkp_product id=’6176′][/atkp_product]

LR Baggs Para Acoustic D.I. – ~$189
[atkp_product id=’6177′][/atkp_product]

You can often also find great deals on these used on eBay on the Carl Martin Preamp (and the other pedals) to save a few bucks:

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