The Joe Satriani Guitar Mic Pack is a versatile, high performance miking solution for electric guitars.The Joe Satriani Guitar Amp Mic Pack includes the guitar virtuoso’s favorite CAD mics for capturing his amps on stage and in the studio-the Trion 7000 Dual-element Ribbon and D189 Supercardioid Dynamic microphones. The 7000 offers a sensitivity of -53dBV and incorporates a precision-machined, hand-assembled aluminum ribbon capsule that reproduces electric guitar amps with a classically rich, warm tone.The D189 is a rugged and discriminating Supercardioid Dynamic microphone that perfectly complements the Trion 7000 and offers a frequency response of 40Hz to 18KHz and sensitivity of -54dBV.Trion 7000 Dual-element Ribbon Microphone Thick and rich, the dual ribbon “rounds out” guitar stacks, brass, and woodwinds. A narrow strip of ultra thin aluminum suspended in a magnetic field oscillates symbiotically with your sound source. Electrical current is the result. We use two ribbons for added sensitivity. Experience classic ribbon vocal sound. Elastic shock mount and metal travel case are included.Applications Studio Vocals, Voice-over, Acoustic Instrument, Brass, Guitar Cabinets, Strings, Piano.D189 Supercardioid Dynamic Microphone Precisely circumnavigate an ultra-fine thread of conduction around high-energy neodymium. Bond to an ultra-low-mass diaphragm. Calibrate the secondary port such that maximum phase cancellation occurs +/-125 degrees off axis. Precede the primary port with a multistage, anti-turbulent blast filter. Finish with non-reflective polyurethane to ensure the performer remains in primary focus. Compare this microphone to the industry standards for tone, gain before feedback and handling noise rejection. Mic clip and protective travel pouch are included.Applications Live Vocals, Brass, Guitar Cabinets, Bass Cabinets, Snare Drum.