Looking for the best guitar player gift money can buy? You’ve come to the right place. I can’t count the number of completely worthless gifts I’ve gotten over the years. Beatles calendars, Green Day sweatbands, Greatest Hits of the 80’s 4 CD set? Any of these sound familiar? They should, because they were all crummy gifts I’ve been given. If you know someone that plays guitar, I can’t really think of a better gift to give than a Guitar Center Gear Card!
Best Guitar Player Gift

I’ve been give a gear card several times before, and they’re great because you can buy what you want at home online and have it shipped right to your door – or walk right into Guitar Center and pick out what you want. Sometimes online you can find a “web only deal” or a Guitar Center “coupon code” to save even more money. I used mine to stock up on strings and picks, and another time I bought myself a new stompbox and strap. Maybe if you put enough on your guitar players card before you give it to him – he/she will have enough to buy a new guitar!

I’m going to put a few eBay auctions here for you to come back and watch, because sometimes you can find unwanted gift cards in an auction for pennies on the dollar!

Guitar Center Gift Card ($100)

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End time: 2018-04-30 15:57:14

Guitar Center Gift Card ($222.41 balance). Will mail with tracking

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GUITAR CENTER Gift Card Worth $180! Good Online Or In Store! Free Shipping!

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Collectable Guitar Center Gift Card $0.00 No Value (lot 657

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