b.b. king and friendsHere’s an incredible video of B.B. King playing Sweet 16 during the Rumble in the Jungle. For those of you who don’t remember (or weren’t old enough) the Rumble in the Jungle fight was in 1974 when Muhammed Ali fought George Foreman. It was quite a spectacle (as explained below). I want young players to take note at this performance and the way that it builds. It starts out so slow and quietly, and then just builds, and builds with emotion, and you don’t even really hear the horns and keyboard until almost the very end. This is an absolutely incredible performance!

I did some checking, and this performance is indeed from the documentary “When We Were Kings”, which is about the 2 weeks before the George Foreman, Muhammed Ali boxing match in South Africa – otherwise known as the “Rumble in the Jungle”. Don King, who of course promoted the event, put on quite a spectacle before the fight. The “pre-show” before the fight was actually a show all until itself with performances from The Spinners, James Brown, and B.B. King. This documentary received very high reviews on Amazon. The video was released in 2002, and the Rumble in the Jungle was in 1974.
When We Were Kings DVD

The B.B. King Sweet 16 video, which was released in 2002 – is actually the full 48 minute performance from the “Rumble in the Jungle”, and also received rave reviews. This would make the PERFECT gift idea for that guitar player or blues enthusiast in your life!

Sweet 16: B.B. King at the Rumble in the Jungle