It’s hard to believe Axl guitars came out more than 10 years ago. Most of the designs in the Bloodsport line were marketed to all the kids who wanted to play indie music or death metal and wanted the most cool looking guitar they could find. That would be both the Jacknife (flying V copy with a circle cut in the crotch of the V), and the Fireaxe. This was their first stab in the retail guitar world.

This is the original description:
The AXL Bloodsport Jacknife Electric Guitar is an original take on a classic V-shaped body design. This wicked guitar is made for your fastest, fattest metal licks. Leave it to AXL to give you a truly original design from a classic body style. With it’s ultra thin neck and lightweight design, the Jacknife will keep you playing hard and fast until your fingers can’t take it anymore.

After this series, they came out with a Badwater series that were basically aged strats in the <$300 price range. You can still find them today for a couple hundred bucks or less. Today they have kind of switched to Les Paul Junior copies, which are titled the Bel Air, Bulldog, and Torino Classic (all which are purportedly assembled in the USA).

You can still find a few Axl guitars on eBay, hopefully it comes with a case (because most traditional cases won’t fit them):

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