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As musicians we go online to watch and read reviews of new and used gear. You want as much information as you can get before spending your hard earned money. Musicians are never satisfied, or short of opinions. This website is a compilation of gear purchases combined with lessons learned. Maybe you can add some comments and throw your hat into the ring as well while you’re here.

What can you learn about guitar gear today?

Peavey Cirrus 5 5-String Bass Guitar Walnut

The bass of choice for musicians with styles as diverse as John Taylor (Duran Duran), David C. Johnson (Aaron Neville), and Rob Wright (Chris Cagle), the Cirrus 5-string from Peavey provides deep, impeccable tones thanks to 2 VFL active pickups working in conjunction...

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Rogue Acoustic Electric Guitar

You can't beat the sound of these Rogue acoustic electric guitars (for the money). They are impeccable sound and quality. It's worth it for the Fishman pickups alone. If you don't believe me watch the video. Here's a video review of the Rogue Acoustic Electric:...

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Daisy Rock Candy Guitar Review

Daisy Rock guitars are quite popular - and geared towards girls who wanna rock! Seriously this guitar Daisy Rock calls the "rock candy" guitar (sparkle and all)! It plays well, and is very affordable. Here's a video review of the Daisy Rock candy guitar: [youtube...

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Peavey ValveKing 100 Head

Peavey made a lot of crap throughout the 90's, but they have been making some really outstanding amps for the last so many years, and this Valveking 100 head is no exception. You see major touring acts with these now, and the sound is crisp and rippin'! Here's a video...

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Kustom Dart 10 Combo Guitar Amplifier

The Kustom Dart 10 is about as basic as it gets. With die-cast Kustom logo, jet-black grille cloth, white piping and stylish control panel layout, the Dart 10 guitar combo amplifier has an uptown look. It features a plywood baffle board for enhanced cabinet resonance....

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T-Rex CompNova Compressor Pedal

Hand built in Denmark, the Comp Nova guitar effects pedal is easy to use and delivers uncolored sound with awesome clarity, detail, and dynamics, even at extreme compression levels. It's designed for guitarists who want to thicken up and smooth their tone and who...

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