Slash from Guns 'n Roses and Velvet RevolverSo I’m listening to Howard Stern yesterday and he has a 45-50 minute interview with Slash from Guns and Roses and Velvet Revolver. He’s written an auto-biography of his life with writer Anthony Bozza in a new 480 page epic book. I listened intently to the interview, and Slash is a very down to earth guy. He told story after story in vidid details, from his very first days of heroin use to going to rehab for Oxycontin addition in 2006. I think some of the most interesting parts of this book (once I get mine) will be his youthful days running the streets of Hollywood. Slash had a black mother and white father – who split up when he was 8 or 9. Then his mother dated rock legend David Bowie for about 18 months, and the way he described it to Howard he “probably hated him at the time for being the guy that followed his dad”. He smoked crack at 12 for the first time and partied endless nights around town with his mom’s boyfriend (unbeknonwst to here), and basically quit giving a rat’s ass about school in about the 8th grade in favor of playing guitar 12 hours a day. He took lessons at the local music school just long enough to figure out how to put the leads and chords together and teach himself songs by ear. From that point in, he just woodshedded all himself into the moder guitar virtuoso he is today. If you need a good gift for a guitarist this season or just want a good read for yourself – pickup a copy of “Slash”. It’s only about $15-$16 on Amazon and well worth the money