Beautiful Midnight Blue PRS Santana SE and White Agile AL-3100 electric guitars for sale!

The PRS SE and Agile 3100 are sold now, but be sure it my Agile guitar new and used review page!

First of all – I’ve purchased a new guitar!  It’s a purple flame early 90’s ESP – and it’s being shipped right now!  It’s got EMG Pickups and a Floyd Rose, I’m excited!  But I paid a LOT to get it, over $800!

Check it out by clicking the picture below…
purple flame ESP Horizon guitar

So I have this new purple beauty on the way – and now I have to sell a few guitar to make up for the difference!  I hate to do this, but sometimes you have to sell a few off to get more expensive ones!  For that reason I listed on eBay just this morning both of these guitars:

Agile White AL-3100 Auction

agile al-3100 for sale

PRS Sanatana SE Midnight Blue Auction

PRS Santana SE for sale

If you’re interested in getting a great deal on a quality used guitar, check out those two auctions to get one from my personal collection!  I have bought and sold many, many guitars on eBay – and had nothing but good luck each and every time.