The 80’s were a great time for singable guitar drive songs. The Hal Leonard Hair Metal songbook 35 will help you learn those standards (now classics) with little effort. It’s always good to learn by ear and there are a wealth of resources online, but nothing beats having the book with lyrics and music all in the same place. No worrying about your tablet or laptop, no pinching and scrolling on your phone, you don’t even have to worry about an Internet connection. In addition the fact that you get a CD with backing tracks to practice what you learned is an added bonus.

The thing I like about this book is that it doesn’t focus on basic 3 chord songs. You will actually learn hair metal songs that are difficult to learn by ear, and downright impossible for some people. I’m talking about songs like Decadence Dance by Extreme. This is a funky, funky metal song with tons of riffs and leads that are best learne done by one. I can remember learning a lot of metal songs in the 80’s but one I never attempted was Seventeen by Winger. I could never get the intro chord progression down. Never learned the correct lead parts for Talk Dirty to Me by Poison? That’s in there too. Songs like Up All Night (Slaughter) and Shake Me (Cinderella) have little riffs and nuances you might not have learned the first time around. I think my favorite in this book is Wait by White Lion. Everybody knows the acoustic intro and outro parts – now you can know them too!

The Guitar Play-Along Series will help you play your favorite songs quickly and easily! Just follow the tab, listen to the CD to hear how the guitar should sound, and then play along using the separate backing tracks. The melody and lyrics are also included in the book in case you want to sing, or to simply help you follow along. The audio CD is playable on any CD player. For PC and Mac computer users, the CD is enhanced so you can adjust the recording to any tempo without changing pitch!

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