Have you ever wanted to make your own guitar picks?  Probably not, but it’s actually a thing.  I have heard of people that make their own guitar picks from old credit cards before, but there’s actually a little device you can buy on Amazon to punch them out on demand.

The guitar pick punch (well, this is called the “Pick-a-Palooza) basically looks just like a stapler.  You stick your credit card (or any plastic material) into it, and it just punches out standard sized picks.  You can even buy “pick stock” blanks in various colors to make your own picks with.

I think the “create your own pick” movement started as an effort to recycle old credit cards.  But now it’s morphed into something more.  Although there are slightly cheaper alternatives, I like the Pick-a-Palooza version better because you get extras with it.  You get enough pick blanks (in various styles) to make about 100 picks.  You also get a little keychain pick holder, and even an guitar shaped emery boards to file them a bit (if you want to shape them).

You can DIY all kinds of things – who knew you could also make your own guitar picks?  Check it out, you can buy the Pick-a-Palooza guitar pick punch on Amazon, it makes a great gift!