Short answer is – yes it is!

Years ago (in my younger days) when I started on guitar, my parents would only let me switch from violin to guitar if I agreed to take classical guitar lessons.  So I did.  That was even my major in college for a brief time.  My father even took me to see Segovia once in high school (before he died).  Because I played a nylon string guitar, I had also picked up some Flamenco tapes (because it was pretty cool).

I also liked heavy metal (as guitar players did in the 80’s).  I’ve been listening to a lot of guitar podcasts lately (shout out to No Guitar is Safe with Jude Gold), and one that was really cool was with Ben Woods.  You can find Ben on YouTube here.  Ben invented a style, and recorded some records under “Flametal”.  Flamenco metal.  Basically he’s playing a metal cover with a Flamenco guitar.

It’s easier to show you than explain it:

Have you ever seen anything like that before?  I sure hadn’t.  I guess sometimes he also calls it “acoustic Flamenco shred”.  I think that Flamenco is cool anyway, but listening to your favorite Dio, Iron Maiden, Metallica, Judas Priest, Ynwie, Ozzy, and other metal bands “Flamenco style” is just that much better!

We have the Amazon Echo in our house – with Amazon music on it.  So it’s great to just tell Alexa to play “Flametal” – you can find most of Ben’s stuff streaming on Amazon here.