You know, I get the question a lot “What are good gift ideas for a guitar player“? There are the obvious choices, like a new guitar or amp, and the often bad ones – like guitar magazines or books. Let me first state that guitar players are “very pick” about both their gear and their reading materials. Unless you know exactly what they like or want you can likely get something they will never use at all. But I think that a really cool gift idea for a guitar player that you can’t really go wrong with is a custom personalized guitar strap! How cool would a custom leather strap with either your name or initials be?! You can search google for hours, but reputable guys that sell personalized custom guitar straps for a living are already selling them on eBay. Here’s some links – place your order now so you get it in time for Christmas!

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Believe it or not you can also order a custom personalized leather guitar strap on Amazon:

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