If you’re not a country music fan you might now have heard much of Brad Paisley other than his top 40 hits. You may not realize what a monster guitar player he really is. He’s a rare country music star because he’s a country shredder! Nearly all of the male country music stars can play guitar, but they have a lead guitarist in the band to do all the dirty work. They’re too busy songwriting and singing to play the main guitar part as well – they usually just strum along. Brad Paisley not only plays the lead part, but he tears of the fingerboard with leads like Prince, chicken pickin’ like Chet Atkins, and a flurry of country shred going toe to toe with some of the best rock guitar Gods.

Check out Brad Paisley’s 5 Minute Solo from Sept 2007 concert –

Not convinced? Listen to the ‘Chicken Pickin’ on “Nervous Breakdown” by Brad Paisley –

singing on David Letterman Feb 12, 2008 “Mr. Policeman” – nice guitar work here as well by Brad Paisley